Spaghetti Brain is a set of dishes, jewelry, toys, and therapy. Each piece is explored individually and strives to be diverse in aesthetics and function. 

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In Shady 

The night sky rode in clearly over Lantern Lane. We devoured chicken and mixed squash from the grill. The rice, regardless of texture, was delicious and I took seconds.

Contrasting the day, there were no clouds this evening and all stars accounted for. I could more than ever see this Shady sky. We lay on a an air mattress in the road, damp and cold but warmer with touch and a blanket. Under which curled up Nicoli, Daniel, and I.

Amongst the universe, was silence with the exception of sporadic ooos from shooting stars in the West and Dan’s considerable knowledge of constellations. Framed by the trees, were galaxies. For every star we see, there are galaxies times 10^10x and beyond. Like holes in a black paper room, the stars make their presence known, even if unseen. The light finds a way into your eyes, in every way.

Mind wandering and me nariz eta fria, what could be better than knowing I am on a little world here in this magnificent space as the Milky Way finds it’s place rotating over the sky while time passes. We dissolve into the specks. On a dark side of the Earth, we lay so small, so insignificant to everything but each other.