Bird Balance

“The birds need food too” says the bird nibbling my muffin crumbs and I. He appears on the railing when I step outside, then to the chair much closer. He knows who I am and that I speak to him with more clarity than among people. He loves the walnuts. This bird is my friend in the way a father provider is the baby’s. The adorable way his beak clips against the wood when he wipes away the crumbs makes me happy. The way he hops about along the pots I made and planted is my heaven. Using ceramics as his architecture...

We are cohabiters.

Clean up and cleanse your digital health. You are ill, but you are not ill. Your files are corrupt but your legs and eyes work just fine. The bones in your body continue as they would but your mind is cloudy and full of concern.

Evolution now includes plastics and things we as humans produced that are now being cycled. Like the Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide or food for bile trade we have with plants; we exhibit the same relationship (though less need–based for now), with these materials. We create things, they fill the Earth, and then we reclaim them and continue. The Evolution of it is that other species are also reclaiming this processed material energy and as we all know, you are what you eat.