In Shady

Having to sit still for five minutes brings me anxiety when I live in a space that operates so rapidly.

The place I find peace in stillness exists only where peace already rests. I find it by streams, where the only sound is the music of water over river rocks and giggling skinny dippers. The sensation of cool morning dips in the pond and grilling next to the cabin is the only day I could live a thousand times. Stare at the stars until your nose and cheeks are so cool, they don’t remember one another are there.

An issue is being out of reach from the world: What is going on out there?! Is it justifiable for us to enjoy lives full of ease when there is such extraordinary injustice…

This, I ask of everyone. This is not only a question for the artists hiding in the Catskills. Can we, as global communities impartially spend our time working for ourselves?